[WIP Wednesday] Eloise Baby Cardigans!

So previously I had finished an Eloise Sweater for a friend, and in my excitement I showed one of my relatives. She thought it was so lovely, she asked if I would be able to make two more, but in baby pastel colours for a set of twins that have recently been born. Here’s an image of the original that I showed my relative:

Eloise Baby Sweater
Eloise Baby Sweater Following the 18 months pattern, with DK weight yarn and a 4.5mm hook.

I absolutely love the multicoloured yarn used to make the stripes and to cap the sleeves. I’m hoping the receiver of this cardigan is very happy!

So, on to my current WIP! I have chosen white for the main part of the cardigans, and a baby pink for the embellishments. It takes a little while to get going, as for each panel at the bottom part of the cardigan, you need to repeat the pattern to create 15 pink panels, which can be tedious and does mean that there are an awful lot of ends to weave in afterwards!

Eloise cardigans number two and three!

The biggest hurdle with projects is “second sock syndrome” – where you complete the first half of a project, but can’t face doing it all over again for the second. I have a little bit of that with it being two matching cardigans! So I’ve started on the second one before finishing the first one, so I at least have them both as WIPs.

So. Many. Ends!

You can see from the above image that there are ends poking out that are begging to be weaved in. They will have to wait for a while, I’m afraid, I hate weaving in ends! I usually leave them all to the very end, then weave in all the ends on the project, so that I am motivated by the end goal in site, and just sit in front of the TV for half an hour or so, weaving in all the ends in one go. It’s so satisfying when they’re finished.

So this is this week’s WIP (well, one of many…) that I wanted to share with you all. Hopefully these will soon be finished!

See you soon ~!


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