[FO Friday] Kitchen Edition!

This Friday is just a quick one while I’m in the middle of a few WIPs. I thought I’d show you all the bits and pieces I have made for my kitchen that I use!

Firstly, we have a pretty potholder. This is using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique, and combined with colour changes creates this lovely diagonal pattern stripe. It’s very textured which is why it’s great to use as a potholder, to protect your kitchen sides:

C2C Potholder in purple, lilac and pink!

I used the Corner-to-corner throw pattern on Ravelry, and also this Youtube link from The Crochet Corner to explain exactly how to do this stitch, as you have to twist the row in a certain way. It was very fun!

My second FO to show you is this simple penholder that I made to go with my calendar in my kitchen. I have lots of pens but am forever searching for one when I need it most, so by making a little holder, I will always have a pen at the ready:

Pen holder!

This one is so simple it doesn’t need a pattern: 6 single crochet in a magic ring, and then just crochet in each of the 6 stitches in a spiral, until the desired length. Then create a long chain as long as you like, and slip stitch into about the 6th chain from the end, to create a little loop to hang the penholder up. It maybe took me about 15 minutes to do, and holds the pen snug.

My final FO is possibly my favourite and most useful. We have saucepans with metal handles that can get very hot, meaning you need to hold the tea towel over your hand if you use the handle. I crocheted a simple sleeve to cover the handle, that is 1) a bit of insulation against the metal handle, 2) matches the colour of my kitchen (purple, if you haven’t guessed…) and 3) had a loop so that I can hang it on my cupboard handle when not in use:

Saucepan handle cover – modeled by my saucepan while heating up water for some pasta!

Again this one was fairly simple. It was about three rounds of increases (18 stitches), and then single crochet all the way up to the correct length, with a white single crochet border to add a trim. I then attached a chain to the end so that it can be hung up on my cabinets.

So that’s this week’s FO Friday. Off to do some more crochet so that I can have something finished to present next week!

See you soon ~!


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