[WIP Wednesday] Sophie’s Universe Blanket

WIP Wednesday is here once again, and this week I am showing you something that has been a WIP for a little while… my Sophie’s Universe Blanket!

Sophie's Universe
Sophie’s Universe Blanket!

The CAL (Crochet-A-Long) can be found on Dedri’s “Look at What I Made” blog, all 20 weeks of the lovely pattern are on her blog for free. I originally began this CAL at the same time as the patterns were posted. It was such a thrill to rush to complete each week’s rounds before the next part of the pattern was posted.

Sophie's Universe
Close-Up of Detail: Row of Roses

Unfortunately, when I moved in April we lost internet connection for a few weeks. This meant that I had to go a few weeks without updated patterns, and fell behind. Once I established a connection again, the motivation was lost, after seeing a few weeks worth of posts to catch up on, and seeing everyone’s lovely pictures of their blankets, and mine was behind. My blanket has been sat for quite a while now, incomplete.

Sophie's Universe
More Surface Details!

But as I recall, I was fairly close to the end of the pattern (on part 15, I believe) but totally lost motivation! …As well as running out of yarn, as this blanket starts to eat yarn like there’s no tomorrow – to give you an idea, at the end of 100 rounds you’re on around 180 stitches per side! Due to the moving home, and the costs involved, I wasn’t able to replenish my stash for a little while, and once I had I moved onto other projects that were a little smaller or didn’t require a pattern.

Sophie's Universe
Blanket Centre Close-Up

Hopefully, by showing you how far I got with my blanket, it will motivate me to continue and try and finish this beauty off!

If I could start again, I would choose a colour palette to begin with. While making my blanket I just went with what I had available in my stash, and what colours looked good together. As the blanket grew, the tones changed and it became very multi-coloured. Maybe next time I could do a pastel-shade blanket, or a warm-coloured blanket. Who knows?! I need to finish this one first! Taking a look at the images posted onto Ravelry and Instagram really have inspired me to continue. I was fairly close to the end, why not finish her off?!

Until next time~!


2 thoughts on “[WIP Wednesday] Sophie’s Universe Blanket

  1. Hi 🙂

    I love your colours and I really hope you find the motivation to continue (she says, forgetting that one of hers still isn’t completely complete…). The satisfaction I get from running my hands over the stitches when I sit under one of my Sophies is worth every ‘ugh, not ANOTHER round!’ I went through.

    We moved today and I am taking a break to tackle my ridiculous email inbox while my husband assembles our table. I feel for you x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment! 🙂
      Congrats on the move! It’s exciting but so draining at the same time! I do love my Sophie so far, and the proud part of me loves showing her off to people that come over, who are in awe at the detail of the stitches. Thank you so much for this CAL, it’s absolutely amazing. I know I haven’t finished this one yet but I’m already thinking about making another one! x


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