[WIP Wednesday] Henry the Dinosaur!

Hi all, hope you all had a lovely weekend! This week’s WIP is one that has been in storage for a little while, as I ran out of yarn and couldn’t remember where I originally got it from. I finally got my hands on another skein and have begun Henry again:

Henry the Dinosaur!
Henry the Dinosaur!

He’s just so cute! You can see in the above image that his little arms are only pinned on at this stage, but will soon be sewed on, like the legs. Here’s another angle so you can see his cute tail (and the ends of the arms wrapped around it!):

Henry's Tail (with ends!)
Henry’s Tail (with ends!)

I have used Natura Just Cotton to make Henry – two of the green and one of the blue. I’ve also used a 6mm pair of safety eyes and lots and lots of toy stuffing. He is worked with a 3.5mm hook to ensure nice and tight stitches that don’t show the stuffing!

Natura Just Cotton - in Jade and Star Light
Natura Just Cotton – in Jade and Star Light

I’m so happy to have a dinosaur that can sit up on its bottom, rather than falling over! The pattern came from a magazine (Issue 21 of Simple Crochet, p.53) and offers two variations: a triceratops and a stegosaurus:

Henry having a read...
Henry having a read…

And what I find interesting for this pattern is that the arms, legs and tail are made using multiples of 5s for each round, rather than a multiple of 6. I would have thought that it would make the arms and legs more ‘cone shaped’, but it has worked well, so that’s something to consider in my future designs!

All that’s left to finish Henry is to sew his arms on, and then decide whether he will become a Triceratops or a Stegosaurus. What do you guys think?

See you soon~!


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