[WIP Wednesday] Eyelet Sweater!

Hi all, back again with another WIP! This week I’m featuring a sweater that I’ve been working on casually for a few weeks – eyelet sweater:

Two panels for the sweater!
Two panels for the sweater!

It’s worked up with a 3.5mm hook and 4 ply yarn – I bought 5 skeins of King Cole Bamboo Cotton 4 Ply in Jade to work up this sweater. The pattern was gifted to me from a page in a magazine, and this is what it should (hopefully!) look like when complete:

The pattern image for the eyelet sweater
The pattern image for the eyelet sweater

As the pattern was gifted to me, unfortunately I do not know which magazine or issue this is from! But it’s quite simple: groups of 3 dc with a skipped stitch inbetween, and then a row of sc on the top to cap it off before repeating the pattern but in a staggered manner to create this isometric design.

One of the panels for the eyelet sweater!
One of the panels for the eyelet sweater!

Now, I will admit a boo-boo that I have encountered. When I started the first panel, I used a specific aluminium hook and was being very careful with the stitches – this lead to a very tight tension. The hook started to give me cramp so I switched hook to another brand – still aluminium and still 3.5mm – but my tension loosened somewhat! I continued for a little while to see if it would rectify and eventually decided to stop with that panel, and start on the next one. I didn’t want to rip it all back and start over, but at the same time I didn’t want to complete the panel and regret it. So I switched to the second panel while I had a think.

Crocheting the second panel has solidified the fact that my tension is definitely different since switching hooks. Take a look:

Differing tensions...
Differing tensions…

So the top panel is the one that I originally started. The bottom panel is the newer one, crocheted completed with the newer hook. There’s a big difference!

I think my next step will be to see if anywhere in the pattern it suggests what the gauge should be, and which piece matches closer to that gauge, and then rip out and start over with the correct one!

So I have a feeling this may be a WIP for a little while, but hopefully not too long as the weather will start turning soon and it would be so lovely to be able to wear this to work!

Until next time~!


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