Dinosaur Galore!

Hey everybody! Apologies for not posting last few weeks as I was struggling to show a WIP and a FO that I have done recently. I had a large influx of dinosaur orders and have steadily been working through those. Remember Henry the Stegosaurus? Since then I have made another five dinosaurs! I still have about another three to go, so if I did a WIP and an FO post, it would just be varying stages of different coloured dinosaurs. Instead, I decided to merge the posts and have a dinosaur showcase to show what I have been doing!

Dinosaur #1 - green with blue accents.
Dinosaur #1 – green with blue accents.

First off is the original that I named Henry the Stegosaurus. I started him over a year ago and recently decided to finish him off as I was working through my pile of WIPs. I posted him onto a facebook group and someone asked to have him, so I finished him up and sent him on his way! Soon after receiving him, I was asked to make a girly one in pink, who the receiver had named Rosie in preparation. So dinosaur number two was made, and posted too! I then took a quick break and whipped up some penguin lovies, which I will show in another post!

Dinosaur #2 - pink with purple accents
Dinosaur #2 – pink with purple accents

I then posted pictures of the two lovelies onto a craft group, and had a lot of interest in making more! As I had only made two, and had just started my new job, I was cautious to not take on too many orders as I didn’t want to disappoint, as the majority of people ordering one wanted the dinosaur as a Christmas gift for someone. I didn’t want to take on too much, make promises, and then have to let people down! Next up is a blue one that I made:

Dinosaur #3 - blue with green accents.
Dinosaur #3 – blue with green accents.

Once he was finished and posted, I was on to making an identical blue one for another customer:

Dinosaur #4 - blue with green accents.
Dinosaur #4 – blue with green accents.

The next dinosaur was a part of a set: a customer asked for a green dinosaur and a purple unicorn. It was quite nice to take a break from the pattern and create a unicorn instead. Here they are together:

Dinosaur #5 - green with blue accents, and Unicorn #1 - purple with pink accents, and a white nose!
Dinosaur #5 – green with blue accents, and Unicorn #1 – purple with pink accents, and a white nose!

The next dinosaur that I completed is one that I am swapping with another crafter for some fabric items. I’m so excited to be doing a swap and giving handmade gifts this Christmas. I don’t want to say too much as I want it to be a surprise for another post!

Dinosaur #6 - bright purple with lime green accents.
Dinosaur #6 – bright purple with lime green accents.

I’m currently working on a pink with white accents dinosaur for a colleague. I will admit that it is getting a little bit tedious making so many dinosaurs, but at the same time it is getting quicker and easier to make them as I am so familiar with the pattern now!

I’m also working on an Amineko cat for myself as well, for another break from dinosaurs!

Until next time~!


[FO Friday] Fibi Fox!

Hi everyone, end of another week! This week I’m showing you my Fibi Fox that I posted a WIP Post a little while ago. She is finished and would like to say hello!

Here she is, looking a little shy!
Here she is, looking a little shy!

As before, here is a link to the Ravelry page for the pattern, and the designer’s page. I made my Fibi with DK weight yarn, and a 3.5mm hook. I used almost a whole 100g ball of the reddy-orange, and small amounts of the other colours.

She's rather tall!
She’s rather tall!

Fibi measures roughly 38cm tall, and I believe she is my biggest amigurumi so far! She was such a pleasure to make. The original pattern calls for a little knitted scarf. I did begin to knit one, but after not knitting for years, and remembering why I stopped, I decided a knitted one would be too tedious for me so opted to crochet a little green one instead. What do you think?

Fibi Fox

Fibi currently spends her time sitting on my window sill, until I can find her a new home. If you’re interested, contact me through my Facebook page or send me an email at crochetcomfortsonline@gmail.com

See you soon~!

[FO Friday] Jack Skellington Beanie!

Hi all, hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend! This week’s FO is a hat that I made for my sister’s 16th birthday. I knew that she loved The Nightmare Before Christmas, and thought, what better than her own Jack Skellington that she can wear?! Here’s me sporting the hat that I gave her:

Jack Skellington Beanie!
Jack Skellington Beanie!

Now, me being me, I was silly enough not to really take any pictures before I gave it to her. Doh! But here’s an image of the hat from the top so that you can see Jack’s face:

Jack's Face
Jack’s Face

Now here’s the pattern!

You’ll need:

  • 1 skein of white yarn
  • 1 skein of black yarn
  • 4.00mm hook
  • Sewing needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors

Additional notes for working out the size of the hat:

Measure the circumference of your head, divide this by Pi, and then subtract an inch or 2.5cm to get a hat diameter. So the calculations may go like this:

Circumference = 59cm

~Divide this by Pi (3.1415)~

Head diameter = 18.78cm (round this to 19cm)

~Minus 1 inch or 2.5cm~

Hat diameter = 16.28cm (round this to 16cm)

You will then work your hat FLAT to this final diameter before working in the round to create the bowl shape of the hat. For these measurements, this is how my hat went:



1: hdc 8 in a MR (8)

2: Inc in each st around (16)

3: *hdc 1, inc* around (24)

4: *hdc 2, inc* around (32)

5: *hdc 3, inc* around (40)

6: *hdc 4, inc* around (48)

7: *hdc 5, inc* around (56)

8: *hdc 6, inc* around (64)

9: *hdc 7, inc* around (72)

10: *hdc 8, inc* around (80)

11: *hdc 9, inc* around (88)

12: *hdc 10, inc* around (96)

13-28: hdc around (96). to create a smooth edge (as the pattern is worked in a spiral), sc in the next 3 sts, and sl st in the next 3 sts. FO and weave in ends.

Eyes x2


1: sc 6 in a MR (6)

2: inc around (12)

3: *sc 1, inc* around (18)

4: *sc 2, inc* around (24)

5: *sc 2, hdc 2, dc inc, dc 2, dc inc, hdc 2, sc 2* x 2 (28)

6: sc 4, sc inc, sc 4, sc inc, sc 8, sc inc, sc 4, sc inc, sc 4 (32) Sl st into next st and FO leaving a long tail


Pin the eyes into place and sew around.

Nose and mouth: see image for reference for sewing yarn into place.


[FO Friday] Eloise Baby Cardigans!

Hi all, hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend! I’m super excited because I start my new job next week, so these are my last few days of crocheting constantly, and I’m feeling a teensy bit nervous about starting! So without further ado, here is this week’s finished object. Remember the post a few weeks ago of the WIP Eloise Baby Cardigans? Well here are the finished images!

Completed Eloise Cardigans!
Completed Eloise Cardigans!

They’re just so cute! I absolutely adore the pink edging on the sleeves and the neckline, not the mention the adorable pink bears for buttons:

How cute are these bear buttons?!
How cute are these bear buttons?!

These cardigans were such a joy to make. What wasn’t a joy was all the ends to weave in. Guess how many? For both cardigans, there were 92. Yep. I counted. How can such small objects have so much sewing?! It’s all those pretty pink stripes that were the issue. But nevertheless, I just plowed through watching YouTube/Netflix and got them done.

These lovely stripes were the culprit of all the ends to weave in! But I do believe they were worth it in the end
These lovely stripes were the culprit of all the ends to weave in! But I do believe they were worth it in the end

I completed the cardigans and passed them on to my relative, who was gifting them to a couple who had twin girls recently. The cardigans are still too big for the babies right now, which is good because they should fit in time for the colder months, and hopefully be appreciated more.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy looking at these cardigans as much as I enjoyed making them. I’m now off to work on a few orders that I have, before I start my new job. Wish me luck!

Until next time~!

[FO Friday] Lace Bookmark!

Hi all, after such a large blanket as a WIP this week, this week’s FO is a little one. I combined a technique that I haven’t done in quite a while (crochet thread), with a technique that I have never tried before (blocking!), and produced this lacy bookmark:

Lacy Bookmark
Lacy Bookmark

I used a pattern on Ravelry for a Rectangle Granny Bookmark which is a free PDF pattern. The pattern creates this effect by working on both sides of the starting chain to make an elongated granny square. I used a pale pink crochet thread and a 1.5mm crochet hook to make this bookmark.

It didn’t quite sit right and kept curling, so I decided to try blocking for the first time! I used a foam exercise cube to pin the bookmark to, and then sprayed it with water and left it overnight to dry out. I wish I had taken a ‘before’ picture to show just what a different blocking can make!

Blocking the Bookmark!
Blocking the Bookmark!

I’m so pleased with how this turned out that I may make some more when I have a spare moment to make as small gifts for family and friends. Or… I may revert back to using crochet thread to make doilies! The next step would be figuring out how to block those…!

Until next time~!

[FO Friday] Mim Mim the Bunny!

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a good week! Today I’m sharing with you something that I was asked if I could make. I was given an image of a crocheted bunny, and the name of a kids show, and asked if I would be able to make one. I hadn’t heard of the character before, or the kids show, but using the powers of google and the image supplied, I put together this pattern and created this lovely fellow – meet Mim Mim!

Mim Mim
Mim Mim!

How cute is he?! It took me about a week to do, as he is about 12 inches tall (a nice cuddly size, I would say!) and I had to figure out the pattern as I went along. I tried to match his features from the kids show to make him really recognisable. I had sewn the back of his goggles to his head so they stay attached, but left enough wiggle room so that the goggles can be pulled down over his eyes:

Ready for adventure!

You can see from the above picture the pink feet and paws, just like the cartoon. His tummy patch was quite fun to make, as it was a guess-as-you-go shape!

Once done, I shipped him off to his new home, where he is loved so much that another one has been requested for the little girl’s sister. Good job I wrote the pattern down! So I’m currently in the process of making a second one, and it’s coming along quicker than the first. This time I’m taking pictures of the process, to hopefully make a tutorial on how to make him!

Until next time~!


Update: please see here for the pattern, available on my ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mim-mim-bunny-2

[FO Friday] Kitchen Edition!

This Friday is just a quick one while I’m in the middle of a few WIPs. I thought I’d show you all the bits and pieces I have made for my kitchen that I use!

Firstly, we have a pretty potholder. This is using the corner-to-corner (c2c) technique, and combined with colour changes creates this lovely diagonal pattern stripe. It’s very textured which is why it’s great to use as a potholder, to protect your kitchen sides:

C2C Potholder in purple, lilac and pink!

I used the Corner-to-corner throw pattern on Ravelry, and also this Youtube link from The Crochet Corner to explain exactly how to do this stitch, as you have to twist the row in a certain way. It was very fun!

My second FO to show you is this simple penholder that I made to go with my calendar in my kitchen. I have lots of pens but am forever searching for one when I need it most, so by making a little holder, I will always have a pen at the ready:

Pen holder!

This one is so simple it doesn’t need a pattern: 6 single crochet in a magic ring, and then just crochet in each of the 6 stitches in a spiral, until the desired length. Then create a long chain as long as you like, and slip stitch into about the 6th chain from the end, to create a little loop to hang the penholder up. It maybe took me about 15 minutes to do, and holds the pen snug.

My final FO is possibly my favourite and most useful. We have saucepans with metal handles that can get very hot, meaning you need to hold the tea towel over your hand if you use the handle. I crocheted a simple sleeve to cover the handle, that is 1) a bit of insulation against the metal handle, 2) matches the colour of my kitchen (purple, if you haven’t guessed…) and 3) had a loop so that I can hang it on my cupboard handle when not in use:

Saucepan handle cover – modeled by my saucepan while heating up water for some pasta!

Again this one was fairly simple. It was about three rounds of increases (18 stitches), and then single crochet all the way up to the correct length, with a white single crochet border to add a trim. I then attached a chain to the end so that it can be hung up on my cabinets.

So that’s this week’s FO Friday. Off to do some more crochet so that I can have something finished to present next week!

See you soon ~!