Introduction to Crochet Comforts

Hi all! After much deliberation, I have set up a blog to share my crochet with the world! I started a knitting-based blog back in 2011, called Kadi2tog over on blogpspot. Rather than delete it, or re-design it, and change the theme and content of the blog, I have decided to leave that one as it is, and start over with crochet, four years later. I’m leaving the kadi2tog blog up partly for myself to look through how far I have come, and partly so readers can still see my patterns that I have linked to ravelry!

One of my first completed crochet projects – granny stripe blanket!

Now, me being me, I have put off starting a new blog for ages for lots of reasons. Not knowing where to begin, wanting to have lots of content prepared and weekly schedules, a professional way of writing posts, and logos and themes and on and on and on the excuses go! I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, and would rather present something that is complete rather than a work in progress for fear of it being “not quite right”. But I have decided to say “sod it” to perfectionism, and get going! You can’t improve something that doesn’t exist, right?

So here we are. My future plans are to post updates of things that I have been making recently, little updates on life and stuff like that, and even post patterns / tutorials for how to crochet the things that I’ve designed. For that, I shall have to get some sort of camera set up to take decent pictures, and – my biggest downfall – actually remember to take pictures of things as I am crocheting them!

See you soon~!