Crochet Terminology

Due to the volume of patterns, I am used to using US terminology rather than UK abbreviations, even though I am in the UK! Below you can find a table showing the differences between the terminology for each of the stitches:

UK Abbreviation US Abbreviation Description
CH CH Chain
SS SL ST Slip Stitch
DC SC Double crochet / single crochet
HTR HDC Half Treble / Half Double Crochet
TR DC Treble / Double Crochet

And here is a list of phrases or terminology that are most commonly used:

Abbreviation Description
FO Finished Object
Frogged A project that has been ripped back a bit, in order to make amendments or start over. The theory is that the term ‘frogged’ is derived from the ‘rip it / ribbit’ action of pulling out stitches from your work!
Hibernating A project that is ‘hibernating’ is one that has been put aside for quite a while, and isn’t actively worked on!
Weaving in ends Ends are the unworked pieces of yarn at the beginning or end of a piece or work or colour change. These need to be sewn in, by a variety of methods so that the work is secure and the ‘ends’ aren’t visible. For most crocheters, weaving in the ends is one of the more labourious and disliked parts of crochet, and tends to be the reason a WIP does not turn into an FO!
WIP Work In Progress. Personally I tend to have an awful lot of these!

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